In house muffler test, Caney Engineering, Ealing, England

Engine: 3.2 liters, 10.8:1 pistons, flycut for Solex (901) cam, 46 mm
Webers with 38mm venures, 1 5/8" Triad headers, flowed heads, Euro
(centifugal) distributor recurved, K&N air cleaners, MSO ignition, Amsoil
10-40 synthetic oil.

Baseline was determined by established maximum horsepower with 24" open
megaphones attached.  This occurred @6100 rpm with a reading of 289.  
Muffler tests were done at the same rpm with no changes except for final

Open tapered megaphones				289		off meter
Triad dual outlet track unit			285		100 Db
Triad dual outlet 90 dB unit			283		88 Db
Leistritz (factory sport) 2 outlet		279		103 Db
Triad single outlet with crossover		279		
Borla						277
Super trap (disced to 95 dB)			275
Flowmaster					273
Bischoff (factory stock)			272		84 Db
Bursch Steelpak(supplied with SSI systems)  	270		
Ansa (4 pipe)					269
Supersprint					267

On the units where decibel readings were taken, they were
obtained by methods outlined in California DER Supplement 82, Part III,
The possibility exists that slight differences of comparatives could 
occur with engines/headers of a different configuration or horsepower