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New and used parts for your 911 or 914 Porsche
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*New*  914 Carburetor Linkage - $245.00 
Triad West is proud to offer this great linkage based on the classic Weltmeister design.  


Dual Muffler Street-legal performance mufflers - $320.00 most applications

Our high performance 911 and 914 mufflers are custom built for your specific model and engine size. Single or dual outlet models are designed to meet your noise-level preferences. Compare our Triad mufflers to others: In house muffler test, Craney Engineering

  Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers - Call for pricing
We are proud to supply only SSI stainless steel heat exchangers for your 911 or 914.
Race headers - $695.00

We are happy to provide you with
914-4 and 914/6 race headers with these important features: cross-over behind engine case for better engine temperature control, higher ground clearance, four into one collector, and optional aluminizing or ceramic coating.
All headers are available with custom built street or track mufflers.
Photo not yet available Optima Battery Mount - $26.00
TRIAD produces the Optima Battery Mounting Tray to fit your 914 or 911.  
Spherical bearing front strut mounts - $245.00 
We have developed spherical bearing strut mounts for your 911 or 914 that when installed, even your Concours judge cannot tell from a stock original mount. These strut mounts eliminate camber loss due to hard cornering loads.